Potential Upcoming Features on Your iPhone in 2024

Apple’s WWDC event last year was a whirlwind of new products and updates. From next-gen operating systems for iPhone, iPad, and Mac to the unveiling of a 15-inch MacBook Air, an updated Mac Studio and Mac Pro, and the Vision Pro headset, Apple delivered big.

However, this year’s WWDC event is expected to shift focus away from hardware announcements. Rumors circulating suggest that Apple will prioritize generative AI and how it can enhance the current apps on our existing devices, particularly the iPhone.

The anticipated changes are significant, with Siri poised to benefit the most from generative AI. The voice assistant is expected to be much more capable when integrated within Apple’s own apps. Users may soon be able to perform tasks like searching through Messages history, editing photos in the Photos app, crafting professional emails in Mail, and executing specific searches in Safari using voice commands.

For those who have found Siri’s performance lacking in the past, these rumored improvements could be a game-changer. Stay tuned for the WWDC event starting on Monday, June 10, to see these developments unfold live on Apple’s YouTube channel.

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