‘In-Video Units Outperform Traditional Ads with 30% Higher Attention Rate’

GumGum, a global digital advertising platform, has teamed up with TVision, a company focused on measuring TV and CTV viewer engagement, to reveal new insights about attention measurement and engagement with GumGum’s Connected TV (CTV) ad unit, In-Video.

In-Video is an in-content overlay ad format that seamlessly integrates advertisements into video content for a non-disruptive user experience. According to TVision, In-Video consistently outperforms traditional ad formats in terms of viewer attention, highlighting the potential of this format in a competitive media landscape.

Key findings from the study include:

– GumGum’s In-Video units outperform traditional CTV ads in maintaining viewer attention by 30%.
– Female viewers show 28% higher engagement with In-Video units compared to standard CTV ads.
– When other people are present in the room, viewers spend 23% more time looking at In-Video units compared to other CTV ads.

Ken Weiner, chief technology officer of GumGum, emphasized the importance of prioritizing attention and adopting non-disruptive ad formats like In-Video in the CTV space to enhance visibility and impact. TVision’s demographically representative TV measurement panel provided accurate, person-level insights into viewer engagement with GumGum’s In-Video units.

Hassan Babajane, SVP of commercial at TVision, highlighted the significance of innovative strategies like In-Video in capturing viewer attention and maximizing ad spend effectiveness in the evolving CTV landscape. As the CTV space continues to grow and diversify, brands must adopt more creative approaches to engage audiences effectively.

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