A Critical Turning Point

Norwalk Based Writer Covers Local Events in Fairfield County

A Norwalk-based writer, journalist, and photographer with over a decade of experience, Justin McGown, is making waves in the local news scene. With a background in targeted marketing campaigns, national humor sites, and local publications in New York City, Fairfield County, and Pittsburgh, PA, McGown brings a unique perspective to his reporting.

Having earned his MA in Magazine Writing and Digital Storytelling at New York University and his BA in Creative Writing and Professional Writing at Carnegie Mellon University, McGown is well-equipped to cover a wide range of topics. His keen eye for detail and ability to craft compelling stories have garnered him a loyal following.

Whether he’s covering breaking news, local events, or human interest stories, McGown’s writing is always insightful and engaging. Readers can expect to be informed and entertained in equal measure when they dive into one of his pieces.

For those looking to get in touch with McGown or learn more about his work, he can be reached at jmcgown@westfairinc.com. Keep an eye out for his byline on upcoming articles covering the latest happenings in Fairfield County.

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