Save Crystal River Celebrates Milestone of Planting 100 Acres of Seagrass

Save Crystal River marked a significant achievement on May 17, 2024, with the successful planting of 100 acres of eelgrass in the Kings Bay springshed ecosystem. The celebration took place during a special event where over 100 5th-grade students from Crystal River Primary School actively participated in the planting.

Students gathered on the shores of Hunter Springs to plant the eelgrass that they had been growing in their classrooms throughout the year. This annual event, now in its eighth year, was organized by Save Crystal River, Sea & Shoreline aquatic experts, and various community partners. The goal of the event was to educate and advocate for environmental protection, emphasizing the importance of safeguarding the planet and its waterways for future generations.

Lisa Moore, President of Save Crystal River, expressed her appreciation for the community’s commitment to environmental education and conservation. She highlighted the inspiring role played by young students in making a tangible impact by applying their knowledge to real-world conservation efforts.

The event aligned with Crystal River Primary School’s curriculum, which integrates practical environmental science with traditional academic subjects to instill a deep understanding and respect for the natural world in students. The day included a series of educational activities focused on local environmental issues and the significance of conservation efforts.

Students engaged in various stations throughout the event, including planting eelgrass, learning about climate change’s impact on marine life, exploring fishing techniques and their environmental implications, discussing manatee conservation with experts, understanding marine debris effects, and participating in recreational activities that reinforced the day’s lessons.

Overall, the event celebrated a significant milestone in environmental conservation and underscored the importance of youth involvement in protecting and preserving natural ecosystems for the future.

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