AI-powered Chromebook Plus designed for teachers

Introducing the Next Generation of Chromebook Plus Computers for Education

Last year, Google unveiled the Chromebook Plus, a line of high-performance laptops designed specifically for educators. These laptops offer 2X better performance, improved displays, increased memory and storage, and come with options for touchscreen convertibles and stylus support, making them perfect for wireless whiteboarding and instruction in the classroom. The best part? They start at just 0.

Today, Google is excited to announce the latest Chromebook Plus computers from Acer, featuring new features powered by Google AI. These new Chromebooks aim to make the lives of educators and education leaders easier by incorporating advanced AI technology.

Many of the features that educators rely on in Chromebooks are already powered by Google AI. This includes accessibility tools like live captions and reading mode, content creation tools such as Screencast with text-based video editing capabilities, and sustainability features like adaptive battery charging. With the new Chromebook Plus, Google is introducing innovative generative AI capabilities to help educators, staff, and administrators save time and increase productivity.

With the combination of powerful hardware and AI technology, the new Chromebook Plus computers are set to revolutionize the educational experience for both teachers and students. Stay tuned for more updates on these exciting new devices.

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