Maximize the capabilities of SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Datasphere

SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Datasphere have transformed the traditional SAP analytics and data warehousing landscape. With the SAP Business Technology Platform, businesses can now enjoy increased efficiency, scalability, and innovation compared to classic solutions like BW and BusinessObjects.

Despite common misconceptions, cloud applications like SAP BTP offer a high level of customization and flexibility for ad-hoc development. The SAP Services Adoption Center, which works closely with partners and customers, has identified key customization points for successful project implementations in the enterprise.

In the realm of SAP BTP analytics and data management, hardcore development plays a crucial role in addressing complex requirements that do not have pre-built solutions. This type of development involves optimizing code, understanding cloud infrastructure, and solving intricate problems within tight constraints. Whether it’s creating tailored UI components for SAP Analytics Cloud or interactive applications for SAP Datasphere, developers can leverage a variety of use cases for their projects.

The blog offers a collection of advanced use cases that will be regularly updated, providing valuable insights and solutions for pushing SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Datasphere to the next level. From creating custom widgets to integrating with Hana Cloud, developers can explore a range of possibilities to enhance their projects. Additionally, utilizing the SAP Datasphere Command Line Interface and integrating with SAP development tools can further streamline processes and drive efficiency in application development and data integration within the SAP ecosystem.

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