‘List of 100 New Announcements from I/O Conference in 2024’

Google made several announcements at its IO 2024 event, including the introduction of the second beta of Android 15. One standout feature is the Theft Detection Lock, which uses Google AI to quickly lock down your information if your device is snatched.

Another new feature coming to Android 15 is private space, allowing users to secure select apps in a separate space requiring additional authentication to access. Users can even hide the existence of this private space with an extra lock screen for added security.

Google is also working on improving security with Google Play Protect, using on-device AI to detect apps attempting to engage in fraud or phishing. Additionally, a new messaging experience with RCS is being introduced in Japan through Google Messages.

In the U.S., users will soon be able to create digital versions of passes by simply taking a photo and adding them to Google Wallet for quick access. Google is also expanding its augmented reality content to Google Maps, paving the way for an extended reality platform in collaboration with Samsung and Qualcomm.

For entertainment, users can now watch shows on Max and Peacock or play games like Angry Birds on select cars with Google built-in. Google Cast is also being added to cars with Android Automotive OS, starting with Rivian.

Battery life optimizations are coming to watches with Wear OS 5, which will consume up to 20% less power during activities like outdoor marathons. The new version will also support more data types for fitness apps.

Google TV and other Android TV OS devices will offer personalized AI-generated descriptions to help users decide what to watch. AI-generated descriptions will also fill in missing information for movies and shows.

Since launch, over 1 billion Fast Pair connections have been made, and users will soon be able to use Fast Pair with Bluetooth tracker tags to find items like keys, wallet, or luggage in the Find My Device app.

Developers can join the Gemini API Developer Competition to create groundbreaking AI apps and have the chance to win an electrically retrofitted custom 1981 DeLorean. Google also introduced PaliGemma, its first vision-language open model, optimized for visual Q&A and image captioning.

The preview of Gemma 2, the next version of Gemma, was also announced. It is built on a new architecture and includes a larger parameter instance that outperforms models twice its size and runs on a single TPU host. The updates and developments showcased at Google IO 2024 highlight the company’s continued innovation and commitment to enhancing user experiences and developer tools.

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