Revamped Prepress Methods Utilizing Asahi Photoproducts

ACM Flexible Packaging, an Italian converter located near Milan, has recently made a significant investment in sustainable printing technology. The company has chosen to use Asahi Photoproducts’ AWP CleanPrint water-wash plates, which are certified Carbon Neutral, along with Asahi’s AWP-Loop water recycling unit for their prepress operation.

By utilizing the AWP-Loop system, ACM is able to reuse 80 percent of the water used in plate processing, making them the first company in Europe to implement this technology. In addition, the company utilizes an Esko Crystal CDI exposure unit and XPS imaging system, and their plates are processed with an Asahi AWP-4260 PLF plate processor.

Founded in 2005, ACM has been a pioneer in the use of UV-LED curing technology. Specializing in the food and pharma sectors, the company now operates with 100 percent solvent-free printing on their Omet Varyflex flexo machines, all equipped with UV-LED curing, as well as an 8-color Uteco water-based flexo press. ACM’s prepress operation not only supports their own printing needs but also services other wide-web printing sites owned by their parent company, SIT Group.

Andrea Belloli, the company’s branch manager, emphasized the importance of building strong partnerships with suppliers like Asahi Photoproducts to meet the specific needs of their customers. This customer-focused approach has led ACM to invest in the installation of the first 50 by 80 large platemaking machine in the world later this year, providing new services and further differentiating the company in the market.

Co-owner and CEO, Antonio La Franceschina, highlighted ACM’s comprehensive technology offerings for flexographic printing systems. By using digital technology for mockups and short run production, along with Asahi’s UV LED cured water wash flexo plates and the AWP-Loop water recycling system, ACM is able to deliver sustainable, high-quality, and cost-effective solutions to their customers. This strategic approach positions ACM as a leader in the industry, meeting the growing demand for sustainable printing practices.

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