‘Exploring Life After the Bundle’

Mayo Clinic Press Kids, in collaboration with pediatric patients, doctors, and children’s author and illustrator Hey Gee, has developed a series of books that provide insight into the experiences of child patients at Mayo Clinic. These books delve into the minds and imaginations of children, explaining how they navigate illness, challenges, and recovery.

The series includes titles such as “My Life Beyond Autism,” “My Life Beyond Bullying,” “My Life Beyond Depression,” and more. Each book is designed to help children understand and cope with various health issues, in formats ranging from softcover to hardcover.

Mayo Clinic Press Kids aims to create empowering health and wellness content with the help of pediatric experts. The proceeds from the sale of these books contribute to important medical research and education at Mayo Clinic. By purchasing a book from this series, you not only gain valuable insight into the experiences of child patients, but also support worthwhile causes in the medical field.

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