“Why it’s important for everyone to learn the basics of AI”

Technology is constantly evolving, with new functionalities, platforms, and interfaces being introduced almost daily. Keeping up with these changes can seem overwhelming, but staying informed about the tools available can give us a competitive edge, especially in the workplace.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a technology that enables computers and digital devices to learn, read, write, analyze, and create. While AI is not new, recent years have seen the emergence of new types of AI, from generated images to programs like ChatGPT that can summarize social media captions and essays.

To help people understand the basics of AI and its potential impact, Google has launched the Grow With Google AI Essentials course in partnership with Coursera. Maya Kulycky, VP of Strategy and Operations for Google’s research department, emphasizes the importance of learning about AI, especially in the workplace.

Kulycky explains that the course covers five key areas: introduction to AI, maximizing productivity with AI tools, prompt engineering, responsible AI use, and staying ahead of the AI curve. By providing approachable learning materials, the course aims to address the growing curiosity around AI and its practical applications.

One of the ways AI can enhance productivity in the workplace is through summarization, helping individuals prioritize tasks and stay organized. Kulycky emphasizes the importance of learning about AI, interacting with AI tools, and being part of the ongoing development and feedback loop.

Upon completion of the course, participants will receive a certificate demonstrating their practical understanding of AI and their willingness to implement it in the workplace. This certification can enhance their value and show their commitment to utilizing AI effectively.

Regarding concerns and hesitancy around AI, Kulycky acknowledges the importance of addressing myths and ensuring accountability. Google’s AI principles prioritize accountability to people, aiming to provide a sense of comfort and emphasize the collaborative use of AI for better decision-making.

Overall, the Grow With Google AI Essentials course aims to empower individuals with the knowledge and practical skills needed to leverage AI in the workplace, dispel myths, and promote responsible AI use within communities.

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