Leaders Utilize Technology to Drive Economic Growth

Leaders across the globe are increasingly recognizing the importance of embracing technology for economic growth, according to a recent study conducted by HP in partnership with Oxford Economics. The study, which surveyed executives and officials from 10 countries, found that 76% of participants believe that technology, including artificial intelligence (AI), is essential for expanding economic opportunities. Additionally, an equal percentage of respondents endorsed AI as a key driver for progress in sustainability and social impact initiatives.

The proactive stance taken by business leaders is evident, with 90% already implementing or planning to adopt AI within the next 1-2 years. Their goals include improving access to digital education, enhancing workforce development, and promoting diversity in the workforce.

Ernest Nicolas, HP’s Chief Supply Chain Officer, highlighted the transformative potential of AI, emphasizing its role in accelerating sustainable and social impact goals. From creating AI-powered PCs for first-time users to supporting data scientists in aiding local farmers, AI is seen as a tool with great promise.

In an effort to bridge the digital divide, HP has committed to empowering 150 million individuals by 2030 through digital equity initiatives. Michele Malejki, HP Global Head of Social Impact, stressed the importance of inclusive access to technology tools for all individuals to thrive in the digital economy. To date, over 45 million individuals have already benefited from HP’s digital equity initiatives.

HP’s collaboration with organizations like the World YMCA has resulted in tailored solutions to enhance digital literacy and provide access to educational resources, impacting millions worldwide. The company’s commitment extends to skills development, with programs like HP LIFE aiming to enroll 2.75 million individuals and offering new AI skills courses to equip individuals with essential business skills.

In a move to promote responsible AI usage, HP has introduced initiatives such as the HP AI in Social Impact Award, in partnership with MIT Solve, to recognize initiatives driving positive societal change through AI. Additionally, the launch of Next-Gen AI PCs tailored for work and creativity represents a significant step towards accessible AI-driven solutions.

HP remains dedicated to sustainability and social justice, striving to lead as a responsible technology provider. Through continued evaluation and strategic actions, the company aims to create a more equitable and sustainable future for all.

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