Introducing the Virtual Assistant of the Hybrid Cloud Console

Red Hat has recently integrated a conversational AI chatbot powered by machine learning (ML) and natural language processing into their Red Hat Insights and Hybrid Cloud Console platforms. This new feature aims to streamline user interactions and provide assistance in navigating and utilizing the services offered by Red Hat.

To demonstrate the capabilities of this virtual assistant, a short video has been created showcasing some of the tasks it can help with. The video, titled “Virtual Assistant: Conversational AI Chatbot for the Hybrid Cloud Console,” highlights how users can leverage the chatbot to perform common tasks and receive guidance while using the Hybrid Cloud Console on console.redhat.com.

For more information about Red Hat Insights and to access additional resources, including frequently asked questions, videos, analyst papers, and labs, visit the Red Hat Insights Information and Resources page. With the integration of this conversational AI chatbot, Red Hat continues to enhance the user experience and provide valuable support for customers utilizing their services.

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