Global Launch of Luminate by Walmart

The retail industry is undergoing a significant transformation as consumer behaviors evolve in an omnichannel world. Walmart recognizes the importance of real-time, consistent, and flexible data in providing smarter insights and personalized offerings to customers. In 2021, Walmart launched Walmart Data Ventures, a division dedicated to utilizing first-party data to create new business applications.

Walmart is excited to announce the international expansion of its Walmart Luminate platform, starting with Walmex in Mexico and later extending to Walmart Canada. The phased launch will focus on Shopper Behavior, Channel Performance, and Customer Perception, mirroring the successful strategy in the U.S. This expansion marks a pivotal moment in Walmart’s mission to become a global leader in insights and analytics.

The success of Walmart Luminate has already led to optimized retail strategies and leveled the playing field for suppliers of all sizes. The platform has been embraced by 90% of Walmart’s largest suppliers and approximately 50% of smaller suppliers. Through the acquisition of Volt Systems in 2022, Walmart has enhanced its value proposition by providing on-demand visibility to store operators and service providers.

Amanda Coussoule, vice president of sales for Walmart Inc. at Kimberly-Clark, highlighted the importance of Walmart Luminate in tailoring offerings to consumer needs and enhancing shopping experiences. The expansion of Walmart Luminate to new markets will further empower suppliers to make data-driven decisions.

What started as a small team has grown into a thriving international business with more opportunities ahead to create value for customers. Walmart Data Ventures is committed to evolving Walmart Luminate and transforming the retail industry through innovative solutions. Stay tuned for more updates on the growth of Walmart Data Ventures and the continued impact of Walmart Luminate.

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