‘Friends Overcome Nine Storms in 18 Months to Construct a Remote Cottage in Scotland’

A remarkable space has been completed on the Isle of Harris, United Kingdom by Izat Arundell, a dynamic architecture duo who also run a holiday let business and a Scottish cider company. The house, which took 18 months to build, sits on a rocky outcrop near the Minch, offering breathtaking sea views across to Skye.

The unique design of the house incorporates the Lewisian Gneiss rock on which it is built, creating a distinctive visual appeal. The interior features soft angles that flow seamlessly from one space to another, inspired by the iconic black houses native to the island. The project was a labor of love, with the house entirely built by the couple, along with the help of Eilidh’s brother, a furniture maker, and a stonemason friend.

The house’s contemporary feel is enhanced by a concrete parapet and hardwood windows that complement the aesthetic. Despite battling through nine named storms during construction, the final result is a stunning home that truly captures the essence of its surroundings. If you have a remarkable space to share, be sure to submit it for a chance to be featured!

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