Celebrating Festivals, Joining the Psych Family, and SNACK’s Third Album: Exploring Music, Film, Arts, and Culture in Scotland

Festival season is right around the corner, and music enthusiasts are buzzing with excitement for the upcoming events. The highly anticipated Big City event boasts an impressive lineup of acts, making it a highlight of the summer. Among these talented artists is Cloth, a duo consisting of local heroes, twins Paul and Rachael Swinton, who have been gaining recognition for their captivating music, both in the studio and on stage.

In a recent interview with SNACK, Cloth shared their thoughts on the festival circuit and what lies ahead for the band. When asked about the Big City event lineup, Paul expressed his enthusiasm, particularly mentioning bands like Mogwai, Goat Girl, and Nadine Shah, whom they admire. Rachael shared their experience of playing at all-day events like Connect and TRNSMT, highlighting the camaraderie and diverse range of music these festivals offer.

Looking ahead to their performance at the Edinburgh Psych Fest in September, Paul reflected on Cloth’s musical style, noting subtle elements of psych-rock influence in their experimental sound. Rachael expressed pride in their second album, “Secret Measure,” and the growth they have experienced over the past year, including a successful UK tour and plans for a new album.

As Cloth gears up to release their third album, the duo is excited about the new music they have been working on. Paul hinted at a more refined sound, enriched by collaborations and fresh ideas. With plans for a tour and an album release next year, Cloth is eager for audiences to hear their latest creations and to bring their vibrant songs to life on stage.

Cloth is scheduled to perform at the Big City event on June 29th at Queen’s Park, Glasgow. For those looking to catch their mesmerizing live show, tickets are available for purchase online. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness Cloth’s unforgettable performance at this year’s festival season.

Photo Credit: Matilda Hill Jenkins

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