Accelerating responsible use with Qlik AI council

QlikTech International AB recently unveiled its inaugural AI Council, composed of four advisors committed to propelling the responsible development of Qlik’s AI-driven product portfolio. The council, comprising AI experts, will steer the company’s research and development efforts and promote ethical and responsible use of Qlik’s AI technology.

Nina Schick, CEO of Tamang Ventures Ltd., emphasized the profound impact of technology on society and stressed the importance of responsible AI development. She, along with fellow council members Rumman Chowdhury, Kelly Forbes, and Michael Bronstein, discussed the societal implications of AI and ways in which Qlik can ensure responsible usage.

The council faces the challenge of balancing AI advancements with the preservation of human creative skills. While acknowledging the potential of AI to address critical issues like climate change, the members also highlighted the importance of ensuring users have control over AI systems for self-reliance and repair.

To learn more about the AI Council’s mission and discussions, watch the video interview from the coverage of Qlik Connect 2024. It is essential to prioritize ethical and responsible AI usage to harness its full potential for societal and environmental advancements.

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