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Trade-Mark Group Expands by Acquiring Cambridge Pro Fab and SPL Control

The Trade-Mark Group, based in Cambridge, Ontario, has recently announced its expansion through the acquisition of two companies – Cambridge Pro Fab Inc. and SPL Control Inc. Cambridge Pro Fab specializes in fabricating plate and duct work for power generation, while SPL Control is known for providing gas turbine noise control systems.

With the acquisition of Cambridge Pro Fab, Trade-Mark now adds over 150 skilled employees to its workforce, along with a 250,000-square-foot facility in Brantford, Ontario. This acquisition increases Trade-Mark’s total fabrication space to over 300,000 square feet and brings its dedicated fabrication team to over 200 employees. Similarly, acquiring SPL Control Inc., also located in Brantford, adds expertise and staff in engineered noise control systems to Trade-Mark’s portfolio.

Both Cambridge Pro Fab and SPL Control will continue to operate independently under their existing management teams. However, the Trade-Mark Group will provide strategic leadership and additional services to support and enhance their operations. This move is aimed at strengthening Trade-Mark’s capabilities in fabrication and engineered noise control systems, positioning the company for further growth in the industry.

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