‘Child and grandfather discover dinosaur track in Irchester’

A man and his grandson have made a remarkable discovery in Irchester Country Park, Northants, uncovering physical evidence of dinosaurs that once roamed the earth.

Steve, an avid fossil hunter, was exploring the park with his three-year-old grandson Cody when they stumbled upon an unusually shaped rock partially buried in the ground. Experts from London’s Natural History Museum later confirmed that the rock was a dinosaur footprint cast, believed to have come from a megalosaurus that was around six meters (20 feet) in length.

According to Steve, these casts are formed when a dinosaur leaves a footprint in soft ground, which then fills in with sediment over time and solidifies into a cast of the footprint. The rock they found was 55cm (22in) in length, and after visually confirming it was a sedimentary rock, they left it in place for further examination.

The next step for Steve and Cody is to research the local geology to confirm that dinosaurs could have indeed walked on the land in that area. Maps from the British Geological Survey revealed that Irchester sits on an ancient shoreline, overlooking a large inlet, further supporting the theory of dinosaurs in the region.

The Conservative-controlled North Northamptonshire Council, responsible for managing Irchester Country Park, expressed excitement over the discovery. Executive member Harriet Pentland thanked Steve for the find and mentioned plans to display the dinosaur footprint cast for visitors to see. She added that the discovery provides a fascinating glimpse into the area’s prehistoric past and the existence of dinosaurs 170 million years ago.

This incredible find not only sheds light on the history of the region but also highlights the importance of preserving such discoveries for future generations to admire and learn from.

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