Top Stories of the Week: Tageos, Nano Dimension, ASML, and imec

Check out the most popular stories from this past week in the world of technology and manufacturing:

1. Tageos Expands US Manufacturing Facility in Fletcher, NC
Tageos’ expansion of its US manufacturing facility in Fletcher, NC was the top story this week, showcasing the company’s growth in the RFID industry.

2. Nano Dimension Collaborates with Esko and Fiery
Nano Dimension’s announcement of its collaboration with Esko and Fiery garnered a lot of attention, highlighting the company’s innovative partnerships.

3. ASML and Imec Open High NA EUV Lithography Lab
ASML and imec’s joint high NA EUV lithography lab was a popular story, showcasing advancements in lithography technology.

4. Tageos Introduces New EOS-360 U9 Rain RFID Inlay
Tageos’ introduction of its new EOS-360 U9 Rain RFID Inlay was well-received by readers, showcasing the company’s commitment to innovation.

5. STMicroelectronics Plans Fully Integrated SiC Site in Italy
STMicroelectronics’ plan to build a fully integrated SiC site in Italy rounded out the top five stories, highlighting the company’s expansion efforts.

Stay tuned for more updates next week. Have a great week ahead!

– Dave Savastano, Editor

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