‘The Evolution of 1:1s: Addressing the Skills Gap in People Leadership’

Organizations are facing a significant challenge when it comes to the effectiveness of people managers in today’s world. The impact of various societal shifts in the past decade, such as employee branding, the COVID pandemic, The Great Resignation, and hybrid working, has underscored the importance of strong people management.

Despite the pivotal role managers play in driving change and making a positive impact, the way we prepare them has not evolved, leading to a widening skills gap. To address this issue, OpenBlend’s Founder, Anna Rasmussen, and Professor Nick Kemsley from Henley Business School will be discussing strategies for bridging this skills gap and empowering people leaders to enhance retention, motivation, and performance in organizations.

This discussion will take place during an online event on Wednesday, June 19, from 11:30 AM to 12:00 PM GMT+1. Organizations interested in learning more and participating can register for the event by clicking on the provided link. It is crucial for organizations to invest in equipping their people managers with the necessary skills and tools to navigate the evolving workplace landscape effectively.

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