Sustainable Modern Cabin by a Lake in Rural Norway

Norwegian architect Daniele Sales Myrhaug has created a stunning modern cabin at the entrance to Grønsfjorden in rural Norway. Co-founder of the architecture firm Alma Eik, Myrhaug drew inspiration from her years spent in Norway to design this idyllic summer retreat that seamlessly combines her Brazilian roots with Scandinavian influences. The cabin, constructed predominantly from wood, features an interior of plywood and an exterior clad in sustainable Kebony wood, showcasing Myrhaug’s holistic approach to design.

Spanning just under 1,000 square feet, the cabin offers three bedrooms, an open living and kitchen area, a bathroom, a hallway, a loft, and two terraces. Large windows and sliding glass doors provide breathtaking sea views, integrating the interior with the natural surroundings. The interior design is characterized by custom-made furniture that maximizes space and functionality, with exceptions in the bathroom and around the fireplace where different materials are used to enhance those spaces.

Kebony Clear Cladding was chosen for the exterior of the cabin for its sustainability and natural aesthetic, blending seamlessly with the rustic setting of the surrounding forest. Myrhaug emphasizes the importance of sustainability in design, highlighting Kebony as a leader in sustainable wood technology that enhances the overall experience of the cabin through its durability, tactility, and eco-friendly sourcing.

The lakeside cabin offers a serene escape from daily life, embodying the tranquility of nature that Myrhaug sought to recreate with her dream cabin. With a focus on sustainability, functionality, and seamless integration with the natural landscape, this modern cabin exemplifies Daniele Sales Myrhaug’s innovative approach to architecture and design.

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