Success of Montagu estate pop-up recycling centre praised

Newcastle City Council hosted their fifth Pop Up Recycling Centre of the year on Montagu Estate, Kenton Ward – specifically on Mornington Ave. This particular event turned out to be the most successful one yet, as it managed to collect over 3.5 tonnes of recyclable waste.

“Despite the rain, residents showed up in large numbers to recycle their items, mostly on foot,” stated Rebecca Wilson of the Council’s Waste and Recycling Team.

A total of 144 residents participated in the event and recycled the following items:

– 1560 kg of wood (equivalent to 2 full skips)
– 560 kg of sofas and domestic seating
– 380 kg of hard plastics
– 39 large electronic items, totaling 900 kg
– 100 kg of small electronic items, amounting to 129 items
– 2 bins of 1100 liters filled with cardboard

Kenton Councillor Paula Maines praised the initiative, saying, “This was a brilliant initiative that received full support from Montagu residents. We’ve received lots of positive feedback at this event from local residents.”

Additionally, Councillor Ged Bell emphasized the importance of recycling waste and caring for the local environment as a key ward priority.

Looking ahead, on June 1st, an environmental event is scheduled to take place at North Kenton Park, focusing on litter picking and rubbish removal as the main activities of the morning. Organized by Asda in collaboration with Kenton Park Sports Centre, volunteers and residents will join Asda, Sports Centre staff, and local Kenton councillors starting at 11 am.

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