Study Reveals Tesla’s Top-Rated EV Mobile App, Subaru and Polestar Rank Poorly

A recent study conducted by J.D. Power has determined that Tesla boasts the best electric vehicle (EV) mobile app on the market. Despite a noted increase in connectivity issues reported by owners, Tesla continues to lead the pack in terms of app functionality and reliability.

Among mainstream brands, Hyundai came out on top with the highest-rated EV app, closely followed by Kia and Ford. The study underscores the growing significance of EV apps for managing crucial aspects such as charging, range, and other vehicle features.

The study reveals that while traditional vehicle apps are often seen as convenient but non-essential, the scenario changes drastically with EVs. Apps for EVs play a critical role in enabling users to monitor charging status, range, and to remotely adjust charging schedules.

Given the importance of a reliable app in the ownership experience, the data found that 38% of users reported connectivity issues. The findings also indicate a worrisome trend as 35% of Tesla owners reported connection-related problems, showing an increase from previous years.

In terms of rankings, Tesla secured the top spot among premium automakers, followed closely by Mercedes and BMW. On the mainstream side, Hyundai was named the leading brand with the best EV app, with Kia and Ford ranking closely behind.

Conversely, the study found that Subaru, Vinfast, and VW had the worst-rated EV apps among mainstream brands, with Polestar and Jaguar lagging behind among premium brands.

J.D. Power emphasized that insights were gathered from EV owners through surveys and an assessment of relevant EV mobile apps. The firm noted a rise in app usage among EV owners, further underlining the importance of continued improvement in app performance, reliability, and user experience.

Overall, the study highlighted that there is room for growth in enhancing feature content, usability, and connectivity in EV mobile apps. The director of benchmark consulting at J.D. Power, Jason Norton, emphasized the need for manufacturers to focus on the specific needs of EV owners to ensure a seamless and trustworthy user experience.

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