‘Schrute Bucks creator introduces NEO.Coupons for token-based printable savings’

A member of the Neo community, known for developing the Schrute Bucks memecoin, has launched a new service called NEO.Coupons. This innovative platform allows users to create downloadable token coupons that can be printed and redeemed online, offering a unique way to distribute cryptocurrency.

NEO.Coupons supports any NEP-17 token, with special designs tailored for the $CHRUTE and FRANK tokens. To create a coupon, users must connect a NeoLine or Neon wallet. Once connected, users can specify the number of tokens to allocate to a coupon, name the coupon, and set a redemption passcode. While GAS-only coupons are not currently supported, they will be included in the future.

Once the coupon is created, a unique coupon ID and a printable coupon image are generated. The creator can then share the coupon details and passcode with the recipient, who can redeem the tokens online at neo.coupon/redeem. The recipient can then claim the tokens into their own Neo wallet.

The Schrute Bucks token, inspired by the TV show “The Office,” was created as an “attention token” within the Neo community. In the show, the Schrute Buck was used as a motivational currency by the character Dwight Schrute. NEO.Coupons builds on this playful concept by allowing users to print Schrute Bucks-styled coupons, reminiscent of those from the show.

For more information, the original announcement can be found at the following link: https://x.com/getschrutebucks/status/1791084355281903627

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