Recent comparison shows Safari’s AI capabilities outperforming those of Microsoft Edge.

Apple unveiled a range of new features for Safari at the latest WWDC 2024 event, with a strong emphasis on AI integration. This move comes as no surprise, considering the strides that Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge have already made in this arena.

One of the standout improvements to Safari is its remarkable speed on macOS, making it the fastest browser in the world. Users can expect quick responses while browsing the web, as well as extended video streaming capabilities that outlast Google Chrome in terms of preserving battery life.

Privacy enhancements have also been a focal point, with intelligent tracking prevention ensuring a more secure and truly private browsing experience. Safari now not only safeguards your browsing history but also prevents websites from tracking your activities.

The introduction of the Highlights feature enables users to swiftly access key information on a webpage. Through machine learning, Safari can identify and display important snippets such as directions, phone numbers, and summaries. Additionally, quick links are provided for further information on people, places, music, and movies mentioned on the page.

The Reader feature has been enhanced with AI-generated summaries and a table of contents for improved navigation. Moreover, Safari now offers a Viewer mode that enlarges videos automatically when detected on a page, allowing users to focus on desired content. Switching away from the Safari window triggers Picture in Picture mode for seamless viewing.

While Apple’s foray into AI-powered features with Safari appears to be just the beginning, it underscores a focus on practical utility rather than flashy gimmicks. Unlike its rivals, Apple’s AI assistance extends beyond Safari to other applications, providing a comprehensive system-wide experience. Stay tuned for further developments as Apple continues to integrate AI technology into its ecosystem.

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