‘Nexans supports the construction of a major solar farm project in Glenrowan, Victoria, strengthening its role in Australia’s renewable energy transition’

Nexans, a key player in electrification and the energy transition, has partnered with Tesmec Australia to connect a major solar farm project at Glenrowan to the Victorian Transmission Network. This collaboration solidifies Nexans’ position as a leader in Australia’s renewable energy transition.

The contract with Nexans will facilitate the connection of the solar farm to the Glenrowan terminal station of the Victoria Transmission network, providing sustainable electricity to over 45,000 Australian homes. Greg Stack, Nexans Asia Pacific vice president for building and territories Southern, emphasized the importance of this project in creating value for customers. The unique Nexans-Tesmec turnkey design solution, featuring mechanized cable installation, aims to enhance the competitiveness of solar projects by reducing costs and lead times.

As a state-of-the-art partner in energy transition, Nexans will leverage its expertise and infrastructure to deliver the Glenrowan project. Solar energy is recognized as a clean, secure, and abundant form of renewable energy, and this project underscores Nexans’ commitment to electrifying the future and accelerating decarbonization.

The turnkey project with Nexans and Tesmec Australia consortium has been appointed by AusNet Services to support the connection of the 130MW solar project. AusNet, along with its construction partners, will design, build, own, and operate the transmission assets for the solar farm.

Nexans will optimize cable system design and provide 33kV cables and accessories, with manufacturing taking place at Nexans’ plants in China and Australia. Tesmec Australia will contribute its expertise in automated trenching and cable laying. The integrated approach aims to optimize the Medium Voltage system design and ensure the timely commissioning of the mechanized cable by the first half of 2023.

This project highlights Nexans’ commitment to sustainable energy solutions and their role in advancing the renewable energy sector in Australia. Subscribe to our newsletter for the latest industry insights and updates on similar projects.

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