‘New Blender Version 4.2 Beta Releases for Long-Term Support’

The highly anticipated update on the progress of Blender 4.2 has been shared by the Blender Foundation, revealing that the software has officially entered the Beta phase. This milestone allows users to test out the new features and enhancements before the final stable release, which is scheduled for July 16, 2024.

Blender 4.2 aims to bring enhancements to animation and rigging pipelines, GPU-acceleration for compositing final renders, improvements to Cycles and Eevee render engines, upgrades to modeling, sculpting, UV, and rendering tools, and the introduction of brand-new Geometry Nodes.

In line with tradition, the team also unveiled the version’s splash screen featuring artwork by Blender Studio. This exciting update promises to offer users a host of new tools and features to enhance their 3D projects.

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