‘Qumulo Partners with Intel and Arista Networks for Ultra Ethernet Consortium’

Qumulo, a leading networked storage provider, has made history by becoming the first networked storage supplier to join the Ultra Ethernet Consortium. This move marks a significant step in pushing the boundaries of IT infrastructure, as Qumulo also announced a partnership with Intel Corporation and Arista Networks to advance networking, storage, and data management technologies.

Through this collaboration, Qumulo aims to enhance the performance and operations of its Scale Anywhere Data Management platform. These combined technologies will deliver operational benefits across various environments, from data centers to storage environments, and even to the public cloud.

The Ultra Ethernet Consortium, established in 2023 under the Linux Foundation, focuses on refining Ethernet technology for high-performance computing workloads. By developing the Ultra Ethernet Transport (UET) protocol, the Consortium aims to meet the low latency and scalability requirements of AI and HPC systems.

Kiran Bhageshpur, CTO of Qumulo, highlighted the transformative potential of the Consortium’s work in shaping data flow through networks. Leveraging Arista Networks’ EOS-based switching and routing systems, Qumulo’s customers are already benefiting from improved performance and reliability.

This partnership between Qumulo, Intel, and Arista Networks signifies a crucial step towards integrating networking, storage, and data management to meet the evolving demands of modern enterprises, especially in the realms of AI and high-performance computing. This collaboration is set to drive innovation and enhance operational value across the IT landscape.

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