Introducing the Betaflex Micrometer Table from Beta Industries

Beta Industries, a US-based company specializing in quality control, has unveiled the Betaflex Micrometer Table with FlexiGage Database Software. This new product is a cost-effective and easily adaptable solution for flexo plate measuring technology.

The Betaflex Micrometer Table is designed to provide significant savings in production time, cost, and resources. It is a compact, modular solid steel table measuring only 39.5 x 12 x 3 inches and weighing less than 45 lbs. This table can be effortlessly installed between two existing tables or within a recessed area.

The FlexiGage Micrometer Software is an optional database and report generation software that allows for the maintenance of an active database of plates measured, customer information, and more.

With a solid stainless-steel base, a choice of two high-resolution micrometers, and software for report generation, this new product aims to help businesses achieve more profitable and consistent production. By reducing waste and improving return on investment, Beta Industries’ Betaflex Micrometer Table with FlexiGage Database Software offers a valuable tool for the industry.

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