‘Granite models now available as open source, combines watsonx.governance with AWS SageMaker’

IBM has made significant strides in the world of artificial intelligence by open-sourcing its Granite large language models, deploying them under Apache 2.0 licenses on platforms such as Hugging Face and GitHub. This move is part of a wider strategy to revolutionize foundational models, akin to what open-source did for software development.

During IBM’s recent Think 2024 conference, the company unveiled a series of AI ecosystem partnerships and launched a range of assistants and tools powered by Watsonx technology. These announcements come on the heels of numerous strategic alliances that have firmly positioned IBM in the AI landscape as both a technology provider and a services provider.

One notable partnership is with Palo Alto Networks, which combines their security platform with IBM’s models and consulting services. IBM Consulting has also collaborated with SAP and ServiceNow on generative AI use cases and co-pilot initiatives. Additionally, Mohamad Ali has been appointed Senior Vice President of IBM Consulting, with a focus on integrating consulting and AI assets into repeatable enterprise services.

IBM’s ultimate goal is to partner with enterprises to facilitate the widespread adoption of AI across hybrid cloud environments and platforms. Through initiatives like the open-sourcing of Granite models, the launch of InstructLab, and the integration of Red Hat Enterprise Linux AI with Granite models, IBM is paving the way for developers to leverage AI on a larger scale.

Furthermore, IBM has introduced innovative tools like IBM Concert, which provides a unified interface for managing business applications, clouds, networks, and assets. The company has also rolled out AI assistants built on Granite models for various applications, as well as forged partnerships with AWS, Salesforce, and SAP to expand the reach of their AI offerings.

In addition to these developments, IBM is focusing on AI governance through partnerships with Amazon SageMaker and is expanding the capabilities of watsonx to include IT automation tools. By staying at the forefront of AI innovation and forming strategic partnerships, IBM is solidifying its position as a leader in the AI ecosystem.

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