‘Gemini AI coming to Chromebook Plus computers’

Google recently announced that it would be integrating its Gemini AI into the Chromebook Plus lineup of computers. These Chromebooks are known for their higher minimum hardware requirements, making them more powerful and suitable for advanced tasks.

The integration of Gemini AI into the Chromebook Plus laptops puts Google in direct competition with Microsoft’s updated lineup of Surface computers, all of which also focus on AI technology.

With this update, users can expect generative AI capabilities such as generative AI wallpaper and video call backgrounds. The Magic Editor tool on Google Photos will also be available on Chromebook Plus, utilizing AI to assist users in editing images, even if they have no prior experience.

Additionally, users will benefit from a Gemini icon in the app shelf, allowing for faster interaction with the AI. New Chromebook Plus customers will receive a free 12-month access to the Google One AI Premium plan, which includes access to Gemini Advanced and 2TB of cloud storage.

Overall, the integration of Gemini AI into Chromebook Plus laptops represents Google’s continued efforts to enhance its services and devices with AI technology, providing users with more advanced and intuitive capabilities.

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