‘Family festival held in Ungheni by EU4Moldova’

Ungheni Municipality recently hosted a Family Festival on 26 May, organized in collaboration with the ‘EU4Moldova: Focal Regions’ program, backed by the European Union and executed by UNDP and UNICEF. The festival featured a captivating photo exhibition showcasing 45 images illustrating the successes of EU and UNDP projects in Ungheni, along with the support extended by other development partners.

Visitors had the opportunity to explore the ‘EU4Moldova: Focal Regions’ stand, where they could gain insight into the EU and UNDP initiatives in the region and participate in a lottery to win exciting prizes. Additionally, the creation of the ‘Bank of Ideas for Ungheni’ was announced at the event, aiming to gather the opinions and suggestions of citizens regarding potential projects to enhance the city.

The Ungheni Family Festival was held as part of the Europe Day 2024 celebrations in the Republic of Moldova, offering a platform for the community to engage with various development efforts and contribute to the city’s improvement projects.

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