‘Environmental Awareness Raised through Mangrove Conservation Activity by Kimball Electronics Thailand’

Kimball Electronics Thailand Celebrates World Environment Day by Planting Mangroves

In honor of World Environment Day on June 5, Kimball Electronics Thailand organized a mangrove planting event at Air and Coastal Defense Command in Sattahip District. A total of 43 dedicated employees volunteered their time for this eco-friendly initiative.

Led by Meechai, General Manager, Sarawut, Environmental, Health, and Safety Manager/Facilities, and Infrastructure Manager, and Thanapat, Human Resources Manager, the event was a success. Kimball Electronics Thailand also contributed financially to support reforestation efforts and the repair of natural education bridges.

Despite the sweltering heat on the day of the event, employees were eager to expand their knowledge of nature and participate in tree planting. Their enthusiasm and determination underscored their commitment to making a positive impact on the environment.

The planting of mangrove trees in coastal areas plays a crucial role in reducing soil degradation and preventing erosion caused by insects. The volunteers recognized the importance of their contribution in preserving these vital ecosystems.

As one participant aptly put it, “Let’s be a part of leading our world back to a better state than before.”

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