An easy solution for clean, potable water

Climate change effects are being felt worldwide, including in Bogota where fresh, drinkable water is in desperate need. Ricardo Enrique Alba Torres, a recent environmental engineering graduate and CEO of Eko Group H2O+, has created a powerful, simple, and sustainable solution to this pressing issue.

His innovative rainwater capture, filter, and storage system has already benefited 85,000 people in Colombia and Peru. Alba Torres was awarded the Cisco Youth Leadership Award with a 0,000 grant to further expand his technology and impact more communities in need. The system utilizes recycled plastic bottles and tanks to purify water, providing a valuable resource while addressing plastic waste.

This eco-friendly solution is highly adaptable and can be scaled up or down to fit any space or community. With the support of Cisco and Global Citizen, Internet of Things sensors are being integrated into the system to collect data on water usage and conservation.

Alba Torres is determined to reach 1 million people with access to fresh water by 2030. The Cisco award not only provides financial support but also connects him to a network of resources and support to ensure the success and growth of his project. With his infectious energy and innovative technology, Alba Torres is well on his way to achieving his goal and making a significant impact on communities affected by water scarcity.

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