Accessible Art and Culture at Toronto’s Open Canvas Festival

Toronto is gearing up for the inaugural Open Canvas Music & Arts Festival, set to take place this summer. This groundbreaking event aims to redefine the city’s music and arts landscape by prioritizing accessibility, community, and diverse artistic expression. With a launch event scheduled for June 22 at Daniel’s Spectrum, Open Canvas promises to deliver an inclusive cultural experience to the people of Toronto.

Founded by Ben Attal, Abdou Mouflet, and Eric Shuell, Open Canvas was inspired by the vibrant arts scene in Montreal, where the founders previously lived. The festival was created to address the lack of accessible, community-oriented platforms for music and arts in Toronto. “We want to reclaim in-person social connections in a post-pandemic world,” explains Ben Attal, co-founder of Open Canvas.

The festival’s name, Open Canvas, holds a special significance, symbolizing freedom and creativity. It stems from a personal experience where Ben and Abdou hosted a party in their apartment, inviting artist friends to paint murals on white walls while enjoying music and dancing.

In response to the challenges brought about by the pandemic, Open Canvas aims to unite people and make art and music accessible again. The festival is committed to supporting local musicians, showcasing diverse art forms, and fostering a sense of community and inspiration in Toronto.

Open Canvas is built on three key pillars: supporting local and international musicians, removing barriers to accessibility, and collaborating with visual artists to create immersive experiences. The festival’s next event will feature Lokre, a talented singer, songwriter, and producer known for her soulful R&B music.

Music and art enthusiasts can look forward to a free, two-day music festival at Trillium Park on September 6-7, 2024, highlighting Canadian artists and offering immersive experiences celebrating the connection between art and music. For tickets, event schedules, and ways to get involved, visit www.opencanvas.social.

Open Canvas Music & Arts Festival is on a mission to revolutionize Toronto’s arts scene by providing accessible, diverse, and inclusive cultural experiences. Join the movement and experience the magic of music and art in a whole new light.

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