‘Accelerated User Adoption of a New Website with Whatfix’s Self-Help & Flows’

Cardinal Health Canada Implements Whatfix to Enhance Customer Support and User Adoption

Cardinal Health Canada has recently implemented Whatfix to improve its customer support and enhance user adoption of its new website. By utilizing Whatfix’s self-help and in-app guidance tools, Cardinal Health Canada has successfully reduced overall customer support queries and accelerated user adoption rates.

The interactive walkthroughs provided by Whatfix have enabled Cardinal Health Canada to offer proactive onboarding, education, training, and support to its customers. This approach has not only led to decreased support costs but also increased overall satisfaction among users.

With the implementation of Whatfix, Cardinal Health Canada’s customers now have access to 24/7 on-demand support. They can easily search for specific issues or browse through FAQs, all tied to interactive walkthroughs, ultimately improving their overall user experience.

The launch of the new ordering website with a revamped interface and user experience has been a significant milestone for Cardinal Health Canada. The collaboration with Whatfix has proved to be instrumental in achieving this success.

Overall, Cardinal Health Canada’s utilization of Whatfix highlights the importance of leveraging innovative tools to enhance customer support and drive user adoption effectively.

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