7 Famous Buildings That Were Never Constructed

A new book by Sam Lubell and Greg Goldin, titled “The Atlas of Never Built Architecture,” delves into the world of iconic buildings that were never realized. The book, published by Phaidon in May 2024, showcases some of the most incredible almost projects that never came to be. According to the authors, the unbuilt world holds valuable lessons and insights that can be just as impactful as the structures that were actually constructed.

In an email to AD, the authors expressed their belief that the purest form of architecture exists in its unbuilt state, free from the constraints of reality such as budgets, politics, and client preferences. They emphasize that every architectural project goes through multiple iterations, and the final built version often deviates significantly from the initial concept. The book spans nearly 400 pages and features designs by renowned architects like Frank Lloyd Wright, Le Corbusier, and Zaha Hadid, among others.

Highlighting seven designs from the book, AD showcases some of the most iconic buildings that never came to fruition. From grand visions of cityscapes to daring structural feats, “The Atlas of Never Built Architecture” provides a fascinating glimpse into the creative process and the unrealized potential of architectural innovation.

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