5 crucial questions executives must ask about AI’s impact on professional services

In a recent interview, Sebastien Rozanes, the global chief data officer at Carrefour, delved into the significant impact of AI within organizations. As a key figure in implementing AI technologies and measuring their effects, Rozanes sheds light on the crucial role of a chief data officer in ensuring the successful integration of these cutting-edge tools.

Rozanes not only highlights the importance of understanding the role of AI in driving business decisions but also emphasizes the need for adept leadership to navigate the complexities of emerging technologies. By focusing on developing leaders who possess the necessary expertise to leverage AI effectively, Carrefour is proactively positioning itself to harness the full potential of data and analytics.

Through his insights, Rozanes provides valuable perspectives on how organizations can optimize AI’s potential and stay ahead in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. As AI continues to transform the way businesses operate, the role of leaders like Rozanes becomes increasingly vital in driving innovation and maintaining a competitive edge.

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