Title: Lanier appointed as vice president of sales

Liberty Furniture appoints Patrick Lanier as Vice President of Sales

Liberty Furniture, a leading furniture company, has announced the appointment of Patrick Lanier as their new vice president of sales. Lanier, whose grandfather was one of the founders of Liberty Furniture, brings years of experience and a strong connection to the company.

Beginning his career with Liberty Furniture as a sales representative after college, Lanier has shown exceptional sales skills over the past decade. He has successfully expanded accounts in North and South Carolina and has also worked as a major account representative for Behold Home.

Jonathan Cowles, executive vice president of Liberty Furniture, expressed his confidence in Lanier’s ability to lead the sales team to success. Cowles highlighted Lanier’s extensive experience and proven track record in sales, emphasizing his natural fit for the role.

Lanier himself spoke of his dedication to upholding the legacy of Liberty Furniture while driving innovation and growth within the company. With his deep-rooted connection to the company and his leadership skills, Lanier is poised to lead the sales team to new milestones and achievements.

With the appointment of Patrick Lanier as vice president of sales, Liberty Furniture looks forward to continued success and growth in the furniture industry.

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