‘Spanish Cemeteries Set to Generate 440,000 kW of Solar Power by 2030’

Valencia is leading the way in clean energy innovation by converting cemeteries into solar power plants. With the Requiem in Power (RIP) project, the city aims to become the largest urban solar farm in Spain by utilizing the available space in cemeteries to install solar panels.

This initiative is part of the Valencia 2030 Climate Mission, which aims to meet 27 percent of the city’s energy demand from renewable sources and use it for public infrastructure. Once completed, the cemeteries within Valencia’s city limits will house over 6,600 solar panels, generating more than 440,000 kilowatts of energy annually and saving 140 tons of carbon emissions.

The energy produced will primarily be used to power municipal buildings, with 25 percent of the output reserved for vulnerable households. This distributed energy generation infrastructure not only reduces dependence on the grid but also repurposes the land without hindering its original use.

While Valencia deserves recognition for this innovative approach, it is not the first to implement such projects. In France, a cluster of islands has already transformed its cemetery into an energy generation hub, providing power to thousands of residents.

By leveraging cemetery space for solar energy generation, Valencia is setting an example of sustainable urban planning and resource utilization. This forward-thinking strategy not only promotes green energy but also preserves public spaces for future generations.

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