‘Spacecraft from Boeing and SpaceX achieve major spaceflight milestones’

Events in outer space often defy the expectations set by Hollywood blockbusters, providing real-life displays that are more breathtaking and surprising than fiction. This week, SpaceX launched its mega moon rocket and Starship capsule on its fourth test flight, delivering a thrilling spectacle.

The uncrewed Starship capsule embarked on an orbital journey before successfully reentering Earth’s atmosphere and demonstrating its heat shield capabilities. The craft ultimately landed in the Indian Ocean, showcasing its potential for reusability on future missions to the moon, Mars, and beyond.

Meanwhile, Boeing achieved a historic milestone with the crewed maiden voyage of its Starliner spacecraft. Despite encountering challenges like helium leaks and thruster failures, NASA astronauts successfully docked at the International Space Station and will spend the next several days onboard.

In a separate discovery, researchers uncovered ancient rock engravings in Venezuela and Colombia featuring giant snake motifs, human figures, and birds. These engravings likely served as territorial markers for the inhabitants of the region, with one snake engraving measuring a record-breaking 138 feet in length.

On a different note, a family hike in North Dakota led to the discovery of a juvenile Tyrannosaurus rex fossil, which will soon be displayed at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. The fossil’s excavation process will be open to the public, allowing experts to uncover more about this rare find.

Geoscientists have also unearthed evidence of fresh water on Earth dating back 4 billion years, contradicting previous beliefs about the planet’s early history. This finding suggests that Earth’s water cycle was in operation shortly after the planet’s formation, paving the way for life to emerge.

In Australia, researchers have reconstructed the skull of the Genyornis newtoni, a giant flightless bird that lived thousands of years ago. This unique creature, known as a thunderbird, had a face resembling an odd goose with a powerful jaw, shedding light on the diverse prehistoric fauna of the region.

These remarkable discoveries and advancements in space exploration and paleontology showcase the endless wonders of our planet and beyond. Explore more captivating stories in the world of science and space by signing up for the Wonder Theory newsletter.

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