New Solo Lite Tracker Available for Monitoring Shipments by Ocean Carriers

Tive, a supply chain visibility provider, has recently launched its updated Solo Lite shipment tracker. This technology is aimed at helping ocean carriers keep track of shipments, monitor container temperatures for sensitive goods, and detect any light exposure that may indicate tampering or theft attempts. The data collected is available in real-time and can be accessed instantly on Tive’s cloud platform.

Erez Agmoni, the global head of innovation at Maersk, has expressed his excitement about Tive’s cost-effective shipment tracking solutions and believes that it will provide valuable ground truth data for monitoring shipments.

One key feature of Solo Lite is its global coverage in over 186 countries, making it a versatile option for companies with international operations. Additionally, the tracker offers an environmentally-friendly non-lithium battery-powered option, aligning with a growing focus on sustainability in the shipping industry.

Overall, Tive’s Solo Lite shipment tracker is set to revolutionize shipment tracking and visibility solutions for businesses looking to improve their supply chain operations.

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