– ‘New RX 11 Suite Added to Comprehensive Audio Repair Toolkit’

iZotope is a prominent name in the world of audio creation, with their RX Suite being a vital tool used in professional studios, including those in Hollywood. This suite offers a range of tools that make post-production audio for films much more manageable, using cutting-edge machine-learning technology to solve previously unsolvable problems.

The latest addition to their lineup, RX 11, aims to provide even more tools to tackle complex audio issues. This new release includes Elements, Standard, and Advanced tiers, each offering unique features to enhance the audio editing experience. From noise removal and clipping repair to reverb reduction, the RX Suite is known for its ability to restore and polish audio with ease.

RX 11 introduces several new features, such as the Dialogue Isolate module with Dialogue De-Reverb, Loudness Optimize for maximizing perceived loudness on streaming platforms, Streaming Preview to hear how music will sound on various services, and Music Rebalance for creating instrumentals and vocal stems. The Repair Assistant has been upgraded with improved machine learning for better quality and speed.

Additionally, RX 11 includes a new Mid/Side mode for visualizing and manipulating audio components separately, a Dialogue Contour feature for adjusting voice character, and a Spectral Editor ARA for fixing issues directly in your DAW. With these innovations, audio professionals can achieve high-quality results efficiently.

RX 11 is available for purchase from the iZotope shop and select retailers, with introductory pricing available until June 13, 2024. Prices range from for RX 11 Elements to 99 for RX 11 Advanced, offering a variety of options to suit different audio editing needs. Gain access to these powerful tools and elevate your audio editing capabilities with RX 11.

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