‘New AI System for Customer Service Unveiled’

Synology is revolutionizing customer service on a global scale by incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) into its support process, resulting in a significant enhancement in efficiency and quality of service.

Vincent Tsai, Director of Technical Service at Synology, expressed that the company offers a wide range of technical support services, including assistance with product usage, critical troubleshooting, and guidance on complex deployments. The implementation of AI in their support system is aimed at reducing response times for basic inquiries, allowing technical support engineers to focus on resolving more intricate cases promptly.

Utilizing a Retrieval-Augmented Generation architecture, Synology’s support AI has access to a vast amount of anonymized technical data and troubleshooting insights gathered from serving millions of customers worldwide. Through continuous alignment and reinforcement learning processes, the AI-generated responses are ensured to be of high quality, helpful, and constantly improving.

The debut of Synology’s first-generation support AI promises customers a significantly faster response time, improved by up to 20 times, resulting in a more streamlined and optimized service experience. This innovative approach by Synology is set to redefine standards in customer service and raise the bar for technical support in the industry.

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