‘Litentry Collaborates with zkPass to Improve Data Sharing Security’

Litentry, a TEE-based privacy-preserving identity oracle, has joined forces with zkPass, a decentralized identity specialist. This collaboration aims to revolutionize secure data sharing through compliance, leveraging zkPass’s new zkTLS oracle protocol in conjunction with Litentry’s expertise.

The partnership signifies a milestone in enhancing security and privacy within the decentralized identity sector. By combining zkPass’s 3P-TLS and Hybrid ZK technologies with Litentry’s proven track record in identity solutions, the alliance is reshaping the landscape of data exchange security and verifiability.

zkPass stands out for its innovative solutions that enable users to securely and privately share data from any HTTPS website without the need for OAuth APIs. This approach enhances the confidentiality and integrity of shared information, addressing key concerns in the realm of computing and technology.

Anticipation is high for the upcoming IdentityGala Season 2, where zkPass is poised to make a return. With a significant prize pool of ,000, the event aims to inspire developers, innovators, and enthusiasts interested in the latest advancements in decentralized identity technology.

The collaboration between zkPass and Litentry underscores the importance of prioritizing privacy and security in social interactions. As individuals and organizations seek improved data sharing solutions, this partnership lays the foundation for continued advancements in decentralized identification.

Considering the success of zkPass and Litentry, the future of secure and privacy-preserving data sharing looks promising. Together, they are at the forefront of driving innovations in decentralized identity and shaping its trajectory for years to come.

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