‘Leica LUX: A High-Quality Camera App for iPhone’

Leica has unveiled the Leica LUX app, a professional camera app designed to bring the iconic Leica Look to iPhones. The app, which requires a subscription for manual control of exposure, focus, and white balance, promises to transform your iPhone into a Leica camera.

The collaboration between Leica Camera AG and Fjorden Electra AS, a Norwegian company acquired by Leica in 2023, has resulted in the development of the Leica LUX app. This partnership aims to enhance Leica’s presence in the smartphone business by combining Fjorden Electra’s expertise in app development and smartphone accessories with Leica’s Mobile Imaging development team’s knowledge in image processing and imaging quality.

Leica LUX offers iPhone users the opportunity to experience the world of Leica photography and lenses, allowing them to create unique Leica Looks with their iPhones. The app caters to both experienced photographers and beginners, offering a range of features for various photography styles, from spontaneous snapshots to artistic photos.

Using Leica color science, Leica LUX provides users with a selection of color gradations and film presets to emulate the look of Leica cameras. The app’s proprietary image processing engine enhances colors and contrast, offering a more natural and sophisticated alternative to the native iPhone camera app.

In addition to its automatic mode, Leica LUX also gives photographers the creative freedom to manually control exposure compensation and shutter speeds. This feature enables photographers to customize their photos according to their preferences, whether they are professionals or enthusiasts. Furthermore, the app is regularly updated with new Leica lens profiles, Leica Looks, and functions to enhance the user experience.

Fjorden Electra AS, the company behind the development of the app, started in 2021 with a vision to elevate mobile phone photography. Now part of Leica, Fjorden aims to leverage Leica’s technical and optical excellence to further enhance their vision.

Leica LUX is available as a freemium model, offering a free version with access to certain features. The Pro version, available for a monthly fee, provides manual control of exposure, focus, and white balance, as well as access to a wider range of Leica Looks and lenses. Despite some initial feedback suggesting room for improvement, the app is open for iPhone users to download and experience the world of Leica photography firsthand.

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