Hydrogen-Powered Train Moves 10,000 Tonnes in China

China has achieved a significant milestone in its railway industry with the successful completion of a 10,000-tonne loading test by the country’s first high-power hydrogen-powered shunting locomotive. Developed by CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive Co., Ltd. and China Energy Group, this locomotive has proven its capability at Sidaoliu Station on the Bazhun Line of the Xinshuo Railway.

During the test, the hydrogen-powered locomotive demonstrated its strength by towing 105 C80 vehicles for 2 kilometers at a constant speed. This achievement highlights a significant breakthrough in the market-oriented application of hydrogen power for China’s heavy-haul railways.

Equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell and a lithium power battery, the locomotive boasts a maximum power of 2,400 kilowatts and a design speed of 100 kilometers per hour. It also has a maximum starting traction of 560 kN, allowing it to handle a load capacity of 10,000 tonnes on a level line and 5,000 tonnes on a 4% slope.

This successful test marks a major advancement in China’s efforts to embrace alternative and sustainable energy sources for its railway transportation system. The high-power hydrogen-powered locomotive is a pioneering step towards reducing emissions and promoting green technology in the country’s rail network.

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