‘Entertainment Giants Close to Finalizing Billion Merger Agreement’

Paramount and Skydance have reached an agreement on the terms of a potential merger, with a reported value of billion. Discussions between the two entertainment giants began months ago, and it seems that the deal is nearing finalization.

According to reports, Skydance’s founder, David Ellison, has agreed to the terms of the merger. As part of the agreement, Skydance will pay Paramount’s parent company, National Amusements, billion. Additionally, Skydance is set to acquire nearly 50% of Paramount’s class B shares, estimated to be valued at .5 billion.

To support Skydance in the acquisition, private equity firms KKR and RedBird Capital will assist in paying off Paramount Global’s debt. Skydance will also inject .5 billion in cash into Paramount’s balance sheet as part of the deal. Furthermore, one key condition of the merger is that Shari Redstone, who holds the majority of Paramount’s class A shares, must sign the agreement without the need for a shareholder vote.

While the merger deal is valued at billion, there is still uncertainty about whether it will come to fruition. An update is expected to be provided during Paramount’s upcoming annual shareholder meeting scheduled for June 4. National Amusements officials are currently reviewing the financial terms of the proposed deal.

The potential merger between Paramount and Skydance represents a significant development in the entertainment industry, with the deal potentially reshaping the landscape of the sector. Stay tuned for more updates as the situation unfolds.

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