Edinburgh Fringe Venues Introduce Exciting Ticket Special

This year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe is introducing a new subscription service called Love the Fringe, which aims to enhance the festival experience for attendees while supporting artists, producers, and venues involved in the event. Love the Fringe offers various tiers of subscriptions with benefits such as free tickets to performances, discounts at local businesses, and exclusive offers. The service is a collaboration between EdFest and the Fringe Alliance, representing the largest consortium of creatives working together at the Fringe.

Subscribers to Love the Fringe will not only enjoy perks during the festival but will also contribute to the success of the event by generating income for artists and organizers. Council Leader Cammy Day expressed support for the initiative, highlighting the importance of supporting the festivals program and the direct financial impact on those involved.

Participating shows are encouraged to allocate a percentage of their tickets to the scheme, with a target of 18,000 memberships in the first year. Love the Fringe aims to generate substantial revenue to benefit the individuals behind the festival. Businesses are also invited to join the scheme by offering discounts to Love the Fringe members and considering corporate sponsorship opportunities.

Love the Fringe membership starts at £20 and can be purchased online on the Love the Fringe website. With a focus on promoting unity and financial support for all contributors, Love the Fringe is set to make a significant impact on this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

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