Cathleen Hrtanek Named COO of Inland

The Inland Real Estate Group, LLC has announced the appointment of Cathleen “Cassie” M. Hrtanek as the new chief operating officer. Hrtanek will be overseeing various departments including human resources, information technology, risk management, communications, marketing, and purchasing within Inland.

In addition to her new role, Hrtanek will continue to act as the corporate secretary for several Inland member companies, particularly those involved in real estate-related securities syndication. She also serves as a board member for various Inland member companies. Reporting directly to CEO and President Tony Chereso, Hrtanek’s extensive experience, leadership skills, and deep understanding of Inland and its subsidiaries make her a perfect fit for the position.

Chereso expressed his confidence in Hrtanek, praising her dedication, track record, and commitment to fostering a positive and inclusive environment within the organization. Hrtanek first joined Inland in 2005 as an assistant counsel in the Inland Law Department before progressing to roles such as associate general counsel and senior vice president.

With nearly two decades of experience at Inland, Hrtanek’s appointment as chief operating officer reflects the company’s commitment to promoting internal talent and expertise to drive continued success and growth.

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